Photovoltaic Cable 2000 Volts Aluminum Conductor 500 KCMIL 1000Ft, 2500Ft in Stock

Size: 1000 Ft
Color: Black
Sale price$2,923.00


Enhance your solar energy projects with our USE-2 RHH RHW-2 Aluminum Conductor 2KV. These top-tier cables offer exceptional reliability and performance, making them the perfect choice for powering solar energy systems.
We offer in stock 1000 Feet, 2500 Feet Reels starting July 10 2024
  • Construction: Our cables feature compact stranded conductors made of Aluminum Alloy 8000 Series, conforming to the stringent standards of ASTM B800, ASTM B801, and ASTM B836.
  • Insulation: The cables are insulated with Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE), complying with UL-44, UL-854, and UL-4703. They are designed to be weather and sunlight resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use.
  • Performance: Our photovoltaic wires are rated for use in both dry and wet conditions, with a temperature rating of 90°C.
  • Applications: These cables are versatile and suitable for various applications, including solar farms, wind farms, low tension circuits, control circuits, industrial installations, and public buildings.
  • Upgrade Your Energy Infrastructure: Invest in our premium cables for dependable power transmission in your renewable energy and electrical projects.

Made in North America

Put-Up 5000 (FT) Reel Dimension 60"x32"x32"  weight+-3500 lb
Put-Up 2500 (FT) Reel Dimension   weight+-1750 lb
Put-Up 1000 (FT) Reel Dimension    weight+-700 lb



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