Solar Panel Connector for 8 AWG 1500V 50 Pair Bag

Sale price$130.00


Enhance the efficiency and reliability of your solar panel systems with our Solar Panel Connector for 8 AWG Photovoltaic Cable. Each bag contains 50 pairs of connectors, providing ample supply for your installation needs.

Designed to handle currents up to 30 A, these connectors are perfect for high-performance solar applications. They are compatible with most next-generation photovoltaic modules, making them a trusted choice among professionals in the solar industry.

Invest in quality and precision with our Solar Panel Connectors – the essential component for ensuring seamless connectivity and optimal performance in your solar energy projects. Upgrade your system today and experience the difference firsthand.

  • Sold in sets that include 50 males and 50 females, 50 pairs of pins.

TUV IEC 62852:2014, EN 62852:205, UL 6703 Certified

Voltage 1500VDC Includes metal terminals The connectors have a self-locking system to prevent accidental disconnections. Designed with the highest quality materials Meet the necessary requirements to withstand extreme weather conditions The insulation meets the necessary specifications to resist UV rays, preventing material aging.

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